Meet Catherine

Catherine B - Victoria

I’ve been working in the health and well being industry for over 20 years and I love it! My career has spanned many different elements from massage therapist, teacher, aromatherapist, personal transformation coach and now a cosmetic maker! What you put on your skin makes such a difference to your mental, emotional and physical health, and it's important to me that I create something that helps you, beyond just having you looking good. I make all my products in my home studio from organic & wildcrafted ingredients and ensure that you are getting a product that is a natural as possible! I also infuse everything with essential oils which means as you apply them, they will elevate your mood, revitalise your energy and nourish your skin.
I love helping people feel connected to their true self, and bring forth a feeling of self love and inner connection, and that’s the intention behind everything I make. You are Beautiful and Amazing and an Incredible Gift to the people around you, and I truly would love for you to see, feel and think that about yourself, every day! My products are reminder of that every time you apply them!