Meet Cheryl

Yackandandah Soap - Victoria

Over 30 odd years ago in 1986 I started working outback cattle stations where we had monthly stores brought in from the nearest town 3 and a half hours away. Unless I got lucky, the only soap available on the station was Palmolive Gold, which was fine for the stock-men but when mixed with hard bore water was extra harsh on my skin. The generator only ran power for a few hours each day on the station, so washing water had to be boiled up in a rusty 44-gallon drum. I often ended up with nasty dry, scaly, red skin & at the age of 18 this was especially not desirable, so I started researching and experimenting with old recipes from CWA books and craft books from the 1970's (which I still have today). I found that the more natural the ingredients, the better my skin responded. I know that there is a better way to caring for our bodies naturally without harsh chemicals.

We believe the world is a beautiful place and we want to keep it that way for generations to come. So we make extraordinary, natural, wholesome, fresh, handmade soap and products that clean and nourish your body making you smell good - all while loving the Earth...not too shabby for a humble bar of soap!