Meet Denni

NGALI - Victoria

Through the medium of clothing fashion, Ngali gives more people access to Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander culture by taking the stories of incredible artwork beyond wall display and onto silk garments to walk the streets and show up in a myriad of places around the world.

For Wiradjuri woman, Denni Francisco, creating Ngali has been a journey embedded in reflexivity and culture. She began with the question, what could fashion as a platform do to communicate Indigenous stories and culture to a wider audience and how might fashion work to change mindsets about fashion consumption. It was also about respect for Country and the celebration of Indigenous creativity across mediums. The process of Ngali’s work operates through the lens of Yindayamarra - fashion that shows respect, is polite, considered, gentle to Country and shows honour to the cross country collaborations with other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creatives.