Meet Donna

Annod - New South Wales

By seventeen, I was a fully qualified Beauty Therapist, but I also had a full face of active acne. You name it, I’d tried every treatment and product I could get my hands on by my early twenties. My skin had improved but still showed scarring, redness and clogged pores. I applied a full face of makeup from the moment I got out of bed, just so I could face my housemates. I never left the house without a thick coat of foundation covering my face. Daily, I noticed other women keeping their head down or covering their face with their hands. I could relate to their pain and embarrassment. I recognised that awful feeling of looking in the mirror and not liking what was reflected no matter what age. I enjoyed my role as a professional Beauty Therapist for some years and was adept at helping people with their skin problems. The problem was that numerous products I prescribed my clients didn’t do their job. They were burning a hole in my client’s pockets, damaging my reputation, my business’ reputation and that of the industry. I began to experiment with my own naturally formulated products on my skin. It quickly began to heal. Clients started paying attention and began asking me to make products to fix their skin troubles too.

I became committed to producing skincare products that women loved to use, and that gave them healthy, vibrant skin they’d long been chasing. Skin that other women commented on, skin that gave them confidence and a face they loved to look at in the mirror. Products that felt and smelt beautiful to use. Natural products they felt good about using. Natural, healing ingredients that granted quick, visible results. What I didn’t realise at the time was that I was creating a complete beauty therapy experience that women could enjoy in their own home, every single day of the week. After years of working with skin and studying cosmetic chemistry, aromatherapy, energy and wellness, I'm more passionate than ever about the difference Annod has made to countless women’s skin and self- confidence.

Annod skincare is a facial in a bottle, handmade in Australia in small batches using natural ingredients . Shop below!