LIGHT OF HUMANITY - Transformational Coach & Relationship Consultant

Meet Fizza

Fizza Kashif Khan is a Relationship Guru & Transformation Coach. She helps married professionals who are ready to step into their authentic power.

She especially assists women in their 30s-50s from CALD backgrounds (culturally and linguistically diverse) who are unhappy in their marriage and family life, who wants to rekindle the relationship with their husband, strengthen the bond with their kids and find their inner peace within.

As a migrant to Australia after leaving her lavish lifestyle in the native country, she is familiar with how settling in a new country puts a strain on couples, especially as they learn to navigate a different culture, language, and lifestyle.

She brings a decade of experience as a volunteer (helped especially indigenous women to live with love, respect & courage by being Authentic) to her relationship transformation & coaching business She has an acute understanding of diverse cultural values, beliefs, ethics and family lifestyle. She is fluent in speaking, reading, writing, and communicating in English and Urdu. She also understands Hindi and the Punjabi language.


Fizza Kashif Khan- Transformational & Relationship Coaching delivers online coaching packages for busy professionals especially women all over the world with the objective of Awaken Your Power to enjoy a happy fulfilled life & your marriage by knowing who you truly are…

Different packages are available that can assist you to live a courageous loving happy life by being Authentic.

If you are sick and tired of living fake life then the good news is No more fake smile. No more people pleaser, no more feeling of unworthy and I am not good enough. Your days of regrets and cries went now. Your time is now to Standup for yourself.

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