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Meet Ileana

A NURTURING APPROACH My experience has shown me that an incredible opportunity exists many months before the crucial stages of conception and early pregnancy when your daily habits can impact the quality of oocytes and sperm and the receptivity of your uterus. It is here where you can make a difference to your fertility and chance of implantation that will also impact your health outcomes and reduce risks in your pregnancy and beyond.

I believe in an evidence-based whole-person, whole-life approach to health and wellbeing. At Empowered Conception I have created beautiful fertility programs based on science and wellbeing strategies to nurture you and your fertility.


The gem in these programs is the emotional support and the coaching support to make the changes and the embracing support that soothes the heart so that you can continue your fertility journey and improve your health outcomes for you and for your baby.

Fertility wellbeing programs based on the best current reproductive science research to improve your fertility, wellbeing and reduce risks. Fertility plans are tailored to you, with step-by-step guidance and wellness strategies to help you make changes. With embracing support to nurture you in your journey, so you can arrive at parenthood with your cup half full, knowing how to refill it.


Do you feel like talking to someone who understands?

Sometimes the challenges of trying to conceive, pregnancy loss, or if you have been feeling overwhelmed, perhaps you could use some healing and support during your journey. These support sessions might be exactly what you need.

As a Fertility Doula, I am here for you to speak with, and to offer you emotional support. I'll help you unpack some of the weight you've been carrying while trying to conceive. A gentle and nurturing approach to restore for your journey ahead.


  • 3 x Private Sessions (60 mins.)
  • Tools that are just right for you now
  • Email Support
  • Option to Continue


Get started on improving your fertility, mood and find your balance with some much-needed support.

Trying to conceive can be such a roller coaster ride. Whether you have stress from life, work, or trying to conceive, this program has been designed with your needs in mind. Helping you get busy restoring your sense of balance on your fertility journey.

READY-MADE PLAN A restorative fertility plan to get you started, with modules to guide you through implementing a balanced fertility diet and positive lifestyle changes.


  • 3 x Private Sessions (60 mins.)
  • Restorative Fertility Plan
  • Weekly Modules to guide you
  • RBF Fertility Diet Guide
  • Email Support
  • Option to Continue


Enhancing Fertility A couple trying for their first baby or a couple trying for more children looking to enhance their fertility and improve outcomes with evidence-based preconception care. Step into a guided, fertility program and minimise the time it takes to go it alone.

Couples over 35 years Especially when you are over 35, it is beneficial to optimise fertility and important to try to reduce toxins and risks. To improve outcomes for fertility, pregnancy, and beyond.

Healing and Preparing after Loss Trying to heal after what you've been through mentally, physically, and emotionally, from a miscarriage, pregnancy loss. It helps to talk about this as you prepare to try again.

Preconception Care The perfect time for preconception care is before you begin trying to get pregnant. It's a great way to reduce your risks and give your baby the best chance of lifelong health.

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