Dhulur Wellbeing

Meet Ivy

A Surface Pattern Designer and self-taught contemporary Aboriginal Australian artist (Kabi Kabi and Kooma descendent). Founder of Dhulur Wellbeing - a 100% First Nations Australian female owned and operated design brand with a wellbeing difference. Dhulur is Kabi Kabi meaning fresh. We understand that when we surround ourselves with beautiful things our wellbeing improves. That’s why, we offer a wide range of contemporary, fun, fresh and playful designs that uplift and create long lasting memories. With our vision to inspire children to thrive, we’re on a mission to empower the next generation through a creative and unlimited life.

*Services *

We license to businesses and brands who target children and the young at heart. We offer custom art and designs that are ready-to-use repeat patterns or placement prints for products, from wallcoverings to fabric and stationery to home decor.

Contact us to learn about our design process and pricing. Contact Ivy: dhulurwellbeing@outlook.com OR enquire via the website https://www.dhulurwellbeing.com