Meet Joanne Diver

Joanne Diver’s business, The Backyard Garden Enthusiast, started accidentally after she began potting up Bottle Tree seedlings that were popping up in her backyard. Six hundred saplings later, with her children’s sandpit taken over and the family roped in to help sell the trees at markets, The Backyard Garden Enthusiast was born. Through her backyard business based on the regional VIC/NSW border, Joanne aims to share the joys and experiences of gardening and being in nature.

The name of her business speaks for itself. Her product list is constantly changing. “I’m interested in growing and making anything that inspires creativity and encourages curiosity in nature,” Joanne says. “I grow and collect flower seeds to package and sell as gifts; I grow and dry flowers, and I make garden inspired ceramics, such a ‘bee sippers’, which are decorative ceramic dishes for bees and other insects to drink from. I have conducted wreath making workshops with dried flowers and native bee inn/hotel workshops.”

Joanne offers Seed saving, Dried flower boutineer & Kids seasonal pot planting. Get in touch with her here: