Bushsafe - Survival Skills Courses for Women

Meet Kelli

Designed by, delivered by and made for adventurous women. OUR COURSES ARE FOR WOMEN WHO:

  • want to spend more time outdoors, but don't know where to start
  • or already do a little bushwalking, and want to feel safer and more confident in the bush
    • don't have the time to do overnight survival courses
  • don't enjoy the macho or military 'feel' of most survival courses
  • want to learn in an all-female, safe, supportive and judgement-free environment
  • are maybe a little afraid of nature, but still want to experience adventure
  • want to try hands-on activities
  • can't afford (and don't want) a heavy back-pack full of expensive 'survival gadgets' (and don't really understand what those items are for either)
  • and want no-nonsense explanations and facts about survival skills and bush safety

Our courses are based on Australian and International Search and Rescue Analysis, the psychology of lost person behaviour, and real-life, hands-on practical survival skills and tools.

To keep the experience as hands-on as possible, we only have a limited number of places available on each course, and they fill quickly

Here's what you'll gain from taking our courses:

  • Greater self-confidence in the bush
  • Understand the list of critical items you'll never leave home again without (you already have most of these items, but you probably don’t take them with you now)
  • Learn how most people get lost, common scenarios and how to avoid them
  • Learn what it is as a woman, that will be on your side in a survival situation
  • The psychology of getting lost: what you’ll likely do as a result, and what you can do to gain control (hint: it’s not panic you'll have to manage)
  • What to do when you’re lost, how it is you'll know. How to prioritise and plan your approach
  • The critical actions you’ll need to take, to maximise your rescue chances in the next 72 hours
  • How to make your own small survival tool-kit, out of low-cost everyday-items
  • Hands-on experience with critical survival items such as rescue mirrors, fire-starters, and water collection and water purification
  • Why you don’t need the strength or the knowledge to start a fire with sticks– yes, you’ll get to try a bow and hand drill (and other fire 'gadgets'), you’ll also learn why you those skills and items are unnecessary, AND what more practical tool to use instead..

Contact Kelli here: https://bushsafe.com/

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