Meet Maureen

Beadoire Glass - Queensland

I have been a self-employed ceramicist/glass artist for 27 years. As I have always worked from home (my beautiful son has always been my No. 1 priority) feel that I missed a lot of the opportunities back in those early days to progress my small business. Now, and at the age of 64, still have a fire burning inside of me to re-open a glass hub in Brisbane (I had to close my leased studio when we went into lockdown). A place to make, teach, sell and educate the consumer on the beautiful, therapeutic techniques of glass beadmaking - a gathering of like-minded artisans.

Maureen creates handcrafted lampwork glass beads & jewellery Lampwork is the art of melting glass rods over a fixed directional flame then building up the bead in glass layers, melting in after each addition. Handcrafted lampwork beads are the most labour intensive of all glass techniques, as each bead is individually created. The end result being unique, one of a kind, tangible keepsakes.

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