Meet Natalie

Pink Hibiscus - New South Wales

"I want to help people become more confident in their skin and to carve some time out every day for themselves. Transforming your daily skincare routine into a mindful ritual is such an easy and pleasurable way to prioritise yourself first thing in the morning and last thing at night and to ensure your cup is filled before you fill everyone else’s. As women, it seems we're programmed to look after everyone else before ourselves and I want Pink Hibiscus to be the reminder and facilitator for some dedicated “me time” every day.

I’ve always been someone who garners such pleasure from giving back to people, the environment, organisations and charities and I’ve consciously incorporated this ethos into Pink Hibiscus as well. Whether it be through planting a tree with every order made through our website, to donating my time personally as a volunteer, helping organisations with their fundraising efforts through product and financial donations or stepping up to help other women in need at local womens and girls refuges, giving back is something extremely important to me.

Another important “why” for me is freedom. Ironic really as I have never worked harder than I do on my own business! I love the ability to pick and choose my hours and days of work and when we, hopefully, are gifted with children, I love the concept of being able to work my business around them to be there for key moments in their life. "

Founded and formulated by Natalie in 2004, Pink Hibiscus is an eco-aware skincare range designed to nurture your skin and soul. Our products are handmade by Natalie in Sydney, Australia with all ingredients sourced from Australian businesses. Ethically minded, all our products are proudly clean, vegan, cruelty-free and packaged in primarily recyclable material. We've designed products that are easy to use and suit all skin types. We invite you to experience the Pink Hibiscus difference and transform your daily skincare routine into a more simple and mindful escape. We think it’s about time to put yourself first for a change...even if only for a few minutes every day!