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What we do/why

Global Sisters exists to make business possible for all women by providing the support and tools for those who are unemployed, under employed or struggling with their current business.

Global Sisters believe that all women should have the opportunity and support to explore, start and grow their own business. All women should have financial resilience, and all women should be given the freedom to thrive… regardless of their circumstances.

What you get

Global Sisters Marketplace supports ANY woman in Australia who is searching for financial independence by removing the barriers to setting up an income stream and gaining traffic online. It gives Sisters:

● an immediate, user-friendly, quality digital experience requiring no tech management

● ongoing exposure via social media marketing campaign, #BackHerBrilliance to drive customer traffic supported by a larger framework of publicity

● access to a transfer of value via external support with opportunities for Sisters to work with established corporates/SME’s including business coaching, pro bono services and sales/collaboration opportunities

● access to our flexible, long term business program including education, incubation and acceleration

● inclusion in our Sister Community

● low commission per transaction only 7.3% + 30c (5% goes to Global Sisters to maintain the program, 1.2% to Marketplacer, 1.1%+30c to Braintree)

** additional fees may apply for integrations with existing ecommerce platforms**

What makes us different from others

● Women founded for women – the only marketplace dedicated 100% to the financial independence of Australian women

● Not-for-profit funded by philanthropy

● Comes with a complete wrap around business program of support via Global Sisters – business education, coaching, microfinance and sales & marketing support

● Our marketplace supports women selling products, services & experiences

● Our focus on #GoodBusiness encouraging & supporting all businesses to be ethical, socially & environmentally friendly

● We’re also supporting our first 100 sellers with professional photography provided by pro-bono support

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If you’d like to register your business to become a sister we’d love to hear from you!

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