Terms & Conditions Corporate and Bulk Orders

Last updated: 20 March 2023

Corporate and bulk orders

When purchasing products through Global Sisters and off the Marketplace platform from our Sisters, a 50% deposit on placement of order will be required up front for a larger order. The remainder 50% is within 7 days of receiving the order. It is critical that our Sisters be reimbursed immediately so it does not impact their financial wellbeing negatively.

This will help our Sisters cover the production cost. We are working with financially vulnerable women, often they don’t have the capital to outlay up front for an order or if they do, they need to be reimbursed immediately or it can impact them severely.

Pricing Transparency

All prices are as quoted on the website for each item. The product pricing does not include delivery charges. Delivery charges are calculated separately at a Seller level and then detailed separately before check out.

Please note, for transparency purposes, all orders placed on the Global Sisters Marketplace include a small commission to Global Sisters of 5% which contributes towards the sustainability of the Marketplace. This is INCLUDED in the price you see on the Marketplace.

Corporate Purchasing, Bulk and Custom Orders direct through Global Sisters

For orders placed directly through Global Sisters

For corporate, custom or bulk orders placed directly through Global Sisters, Global Sisters will generate an invoice for your order and coordinate orders and payment to each Seller. For transparency purposes, this includes a small commission fee of 5% payable to Global Sisters (as if you've purchased through the website). This will also include the itemised delivery fee from each Seller.

Orders will be delivered direct from Seller, so depending on your order, you may receive multiple deliveries. You will be reminded of this on your invoice.

To make a corporate or custom order

Global Sisters Marketplace welcomes custom orders, collaborations, procurement opportunities and wholesale orders.

Corporate and custom orders can be placed directly on the Marketplace website, or via Global Sisters who can coordinate this and generate an invoice for the complete order.

In order to enquire or place an order please contact marketplace@globalsisters.org.

Orders will be delivered direct from the Seller(s). Depending on your order, you may receive multiple deliveries. You will be reminded of this on your invoice.