Our Values

Global Sisters core value of “Business Done Differently” means that we champion good business, both as an organisation ourselves and as an organisation that supports women-owned businesses. We believe in business that is:

  • Environmentally sustainable: reducing our impact on the environment with a key focus on energy efficiency, water stewardship, and the reduction and recycling of waste.
  • Good for people: ethical sourcing by driving positive social and environmental change through our supply chain.
  • Kind to animals
  • Considered and community minded in its growth.

The Marketplace by Global Sisters is Australia’s first online marketplace for women’s businesses, and includes products, services and experiences. We aim to highlight the brands that have taken steps to do good business. To help consumers purchase from brands that align with their values, we have created four values that we encourage sellers to adhere to.

Our Values

All the businesses on the Marketplace are encouraged to progress towards all four of these Good Business values. We celebrate and focus marketing efforts on businesses that are living these values.

Global Sisters is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production, and the Sustainable Development Goal 8 : Decent Work & Economic Growth, which are mapped to our Social Impact indicators. Through our program Roadmap we actively encourage Sisters to take time to incubate their business and grow slowly and sustainably. We intentionally push back against the cult of speed in the entrepreneurial and start-back sector that leads to profit and growth at human and environmental cost.

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