Shipping & Delivery

Global Sisters Marketplace - Shipping and Delivery Policy

Last updated: 6 October 2020

Shipping and delivery times for products or services listed on the Website or Marketplace are provided by other users and are estimates only. Global Sisters is not responsible for delivery times.

It is up to the individual Sisters to advise their shipping and delivery details, options, conditions or cost, regarding their products and services. These can be found on their Marketplace page, and individual Marketplace product pages along with any other terms & conditions of the product listed by the Sister.

Shipping costs are calculated by Sisters themselves and not Global Sisters. These costs will usually be determined by the value of the order, size and weight of the goods.

Shipping costs (if any) can be seen on the specific product page itself on the Marketplace, and when added to cart, calculated accordingly once you advise your location and added to the total amount. You will also see the shipping options and costs at the checkout of the Marketplace before you purchase an item.

The Marketplace has been developed as a multi-seller checkout so you can shop across variety of Sister simultaneously, add them to the same cart and complete purchases via one checkout payment. This means that it is the individual Sisters responsibility to pack, ship and maintain relationships directly with you. Because our Sisters set their own shipping terms and prices, your orders will arrive separately and you may have multiple shipping costs.

Because our Sellers set their own shipping terms and prices, your orders will arrive separately. This may mean you have multiple shipping costs. and your orders will arrive separately

Free shipping may be offered by some Sisters. Please check the shipping costs directly on the offer or product listed by the Sister on the Marketplace.

International Shipping may be offered by some Sisters. Please check the shipping costs directly associated with the product on the Marketplace to see if international shipping is an option.

If you have received a shipment notification and tracking number please check the status of the delivery with the courier company first. If you are unable to track the order with the tracking number supplied, please get in contact with the Sister directly.

Once you place your order you will get a notification saying your payment has been successful and your order has been successfully sent to the Sister / Sisters.

Depending on the dispatch and shipping time-frame indicated by the Sisters on the Marketplace, you may need to wait a few days before you see the order shipment notification. Once your shipment notification has reached you, the Sister will indicate the dispatch date and give you the tracking link and number for you to track. If you've shopped with multiple Sisters, these dispatch times and notices may differ.

If for any reason you have not received a tracking notification and its exceeded the time indicated on the Marketplace, you should get in touch with the Sister directly. You can do this directly via your account login, on your order, or on their shop page by clicking 'contact seller'.


Delivery is organized by the supplier, we ask our suppliers to dispatch items within 42-78 hours. Please reach out directly to the supplier for more information in regards to tracking and delivery times.


If you have paid for an item on pre-order, the supplier will reach out to directly for more information on timeframes and shipping costs.