Meet Aysha

Aysha's Deli - Queensland

"My name is Aysha Navlakhi and I run a business called Aysha's deli. I live in Brisbane and I’m South African Indian.

I studied beauty therapy and massage therapy in South Africa and, when I moved to Australia 22 years ago, I had the equipment to start a practice. I fell pregnant and decided to stay at home to take care of my kids – I thought I would start a practice while I had them at home but, without immediate family nearby, it was just too difficult.

Three years ago, I was at a crossroads in life. I thought I’ve got to become more independent and I’ve got to find something for me. My daughters should also know that you can steer your energy towards things that make you happy.

Coronavirus actually gave me a chance to slow down on events and get into pre-packed meals. I had to think quick and it was an opportunity for me. Getting it right and being able to swallow criticism is stressful but it’s a challenge as well, seeing that it is really busy gets the adrenaline pumping and gets you wanting to do more."

Find Aysha's delicious snacks and relishes below