Meet Caron

Lovely Nature Shop - Victoria

Lovely Nature shop is set up to support the disadvantaged artisan across the globe. The products in the pack are fair trade and handmade with organic or upcycled materials. The products were crafted in Africa, the beautiful prints on the clothing were designed to reflect the beauty of this world, such as the fish swimming in the sea, the turtles wandering in the ocean, gentle daisy in the sunsetting field. These are the best we can offer to the beloved newborn babies, saying to them "Welcome to this beautiful world". At the moment, I have only stocked baby products, such as baby hats, shoes and bibs. Plus limited other items which I think they are too pretty not to stock. I never stop exploring the high quality products that match my motive at the start, that is to fight poverty worldwide.

In addition to the social reason, another personal reason of for setting up this business is for me to have an income that I can be financially stable even if I want to take time off to spend more time with my family. People say that there are only about 10 years you can create great memories with your child, and build a good foundation to conquer the challenge ahead. Time is counting down, but my hours are mostly spent at work rather than with my child.

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