Meet Debra

Medicinal Botanix - Queensland

Miele D’Oro in Italian means “Honey of Gold”. I am a beekeeper and I run 43 hives by myself. I harvest part of the honey stored by my bees (half is for me, half remains for them) and extract it by a centrifuging process. I pour and label by hand every single jar. Every time I do and extraction of honey, I collect the beeswax which is the key ingredient in my small batches of skincare products I handcraft. I created my skincare range to keep my small business up and running and my motivation alive during the drought and bush fires. It worked!!!

I started beekeeping in Italy and I really missed it when I moved to Australia until I had the opportunity to do it again. The bees helped me more than once in my life to find something to be focused on, to establish a deep connection with Nature and the community I live in, by selling honey at local markets for example. Miele D’Oro was born to unify all these feelings and with the aim to share my passion with other people.