Meet Geana

by JoVe Creations - Western Australia

My fibre art incorporates various craft forms: weaving in individuality, uniqueness, boldness, utilising beautiful textures, natural fibres, and bringing a calmness to soul and a connection with nature and humanity.

Put no limits on your potential, ever! This is one of my greatest desires for my children: that they grow up with this belief deeply entrenched in their very soul. A message that will carry them through life. How to instil this? … it starts with me! So I’m following my heart and my forever dream and building my own creative business, by JoVe Creations. I am living my values of honesty, passion, and life-long learning (it’s never too late) all the while having the time of my life. It’s so important to me to show my children to take charge of your own happiness, be joyful in what you do, be prepared to put in effort and commitment, and to be appreciative and grateful for every day we have. I asked my daughter what she gains out of her Mum building her own passion business. “Seeing you happy Mum, doing what you love doing.” … what better “why” is there!

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