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Art'N Green - Tasmania

"My goal is to generate an income for my family whilst doing good to others and the environment. Make sure I have enough time to care for my kids and educate them through my business to behave with integrity and compassion - support communities, help emerging artists in need, protect endangered species, promote other businesses who really care. When you buy an Art'N Green product, you can trust you will get that feel good sensation: a sense of uniqueness for yourself, your kids or your friends, and a sense of wellbeing, as you help other people generate an income ethically, plant trees and protect animals. Buying an Art’N Green product, it is buying a Soft on people, Kind for the planet product!" says Helene.

Unlike other brands, Art’N Green’s products range is being designed with endless research to fusion People Wellbeing and Animal Compassion, Eco-friendly materials with a strong Aesthetic dimension. Whilst prioritising local sourcing, we also look at best overseas opportunities to end up with a perfect and unique mix that helps communities. Our range includes handcrafted natural Premium Soaps, Sustainable Tasmanian Children Books, Handmade Paper Art prints and more kids home decor to come.

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