Meet Jacqui

Outdoor Memories - Victoria

Jacqui is a single mum living in regional Victoria. Being a single parent, living regionally and having dyslexia and ADHD mean that accessing mainstream employment is challenging. But Jacqui is a self-described “go-er” and she is creating her own employment through her business. She is a woman on a mission to challenge stereotypes ofwomen in the male dominated construction and carpentry industry. She has the technical carpentry and building construction skills and certification, and loves being on the tools! Her business is all about getting kids outside and creating memories in nature (rather than on a screen!). She is trying to solve a problem for parents that wooden cubby houses are typically inaccessibly expensive for low income families and the cheaper ones are made of plastic and poor quality. Jacqui wants to primarily use up-cycled materials in producing the cubby houses so that they are affordable for the customer and good for the environment.

Stay tuned - Jacqui's business is coming to the Marketplace SOON!