Jasmine Steven Art Therapy - Online & in Sydney

Meet Jasmine

Jasmine is an artist and art psychotherapist who is strongly passionate about mental health and the healing benefits of therapeutic art making. With over 15 years experience working in the arts as a therapeutic practitioner encompassing community, health and education settings, in both adolescent and adult psychiatric environments. Located in Leichhardt, NSW Australia and established in 2020, Jasmine Steven Art Therapy studio aims to provide individual and group art psychotherapy sessions in a nurturing, non-judgmental and therapeutic environment.


Individual art therapy provides a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space to explore and work through one's internal emotions, thoughts and memories. Art making and reflection offers a new way of communication which can assist emotional growth and well-being in a safe therapeutic relationship. No art experience is needed to benefit from art therapy, these sessions are also valuable for those who consider themselves to be doing OK, but want to learn how to feel and function better.

Contact Jasmine: arttherapystudio@jasminesteven.com.au

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