Meet Joni

I Symbolic Studio - Victoria

We provide handmade & personalised gifts that we think it is much more meaningful. Beside that I also have printing service that I want support local business with reasonable price for the printing marketing material.

For any special occasions, I struggled with choosing present for my loved one then I found out handmade present make the present more meaningful. It’s not about the quality, it’s also time and effort as well as a greater of level of thought. As a graphic designer, I always add in extra effort to design the outlook for my present to look more special. I love to see everyone happy when they recieve a present only make for them. Furthermore, I also have plan to have a baby, it means I will need to spend more time with my kid in at least first few years. Having a small business gives me flexible time for both work and housework that I can take care my family well and not be a financial burden for my family.