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Florapeutic - New South Wales

Karin is a Sydney full-time mum with a dream of having her own venture that works around her family and provides financial independence. She worked in Corporate Marketing before her little one was born. Now she thinks it is time to leverage her expertise to make a difference so that our world becomes a better place to live. She also wants to be her child's role model showing that we all can live our dreams, big or small.

Karin started Florapeutic is that she loves flowers. Not only because they are beautiful, but also, they are therapeutic. They have the power to touch our souls and put smiles on our faces. She has also experienced the waste issue first-hand in their wedding when the couple and guests could not carry all the florals home at the end of the night, thus she feels the sadness of throwing the beautiful blooms away in every single event. Her passion for flowers led her to learn floristry skills, then she soon realised that a lot of waste is produced in the industry and decided to play a part in minimising the impact.

Florapeutic is a Sydney-based social enterprise on a mission to reduce waste and improve the mental health of the communities. They rescue fresh flowers used in events and repurpose them into sustainable flower gifts to soothe many souls.

  • Donating to the local communities
  • Reusing in mindful floral workshops for aged care and hospitals
  • Creating one of a kind handmade floral artworks

Florapeutic aims to increase the awareness of the issues associated with waste and mental health, as well as the involvement of the communities. Their products and services help organisers to reduce waste going straight to the landfill and to be socially responsible, by prolonging their consumable timeframe. They offer these repurposed flowers as alternatives for the environmentally conscious community that are in line with their sustainable lifestyle.

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