Meet Karise

Youth InSites - New South Wales

Youth InSites provides counselling and capacity-based interventions to address online behavioural concerns for 13-17 year olds. The service focus on the underlying psychosocial and systemic factors that contribute to problematic online behaviours to help young people exceed their potential. We also provide young people and their caregivers with information about online safety and healthy digital citizenship. Given the increased online activity and isolation due to COVID-19, this service is needed for young people now more than ever.

"After 9 years working in child protection and seeing so many teens fall through the cracks, I am so passionate about helping to reduce the high rates of child sexual exploitation and the damaging impacts of internet risks. I wanted to create a service that supports and motivates young people to build stronger relationships and skills so that they can thrive and exceed their potential in the online and offline environments." says Karise.