Meet Lyn

Lyn Davidson – weaver & fibre artist - Canberra

I am a nature lover and fell passionately in love with raranga, the Māori art of weaving while living in New Zealand. Raranga is a mindful, holistic and sustainable practice that has a beautiful depth of history and tradition. Weaving is my way of relaxing and tuning in to my love of nature and my spirituality while creatively expressing myself. I wish to share the joys of weaving and to create beautiful items lovingly handmade from natural and sustainable resources that I grow and nurture in my garden. Everything is created mindfully and with love and care, enjoying every moment, right from harvesting resources, preparing the fibres, to the art of weaving. I honour my teachers and their ancestors, and am grateful for the knowledge that has been shared with me. My wish is to encourage others to find connection with nature and an appreciation of natural materials through creative arts, whether seeing my art encourages them to create something themselves or to treasure a handmade item from me.

Lyn creates beautiful handmade, woven baskets & decor. Check her products out below.

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