Meet Martine

Chauffe Moi - Victoria

We, at Chauffe-Moi Australia, create & sell a wide range of professionally handcrafted crochet & knit headwear, apparel & accessories, with quality & attention to detail key to our approach.

I have an innate need to be creative and have always been drawn to making things, perhaps because I come from a line of creative Mauritian women who have always inspired me. Even throughout my 25 year career in education, which included raising 3 children, I have always found ways to weave creative strategies into my teaching whilst personally dabbling in a range of different crafts during whatever spare time I had.

It wasn’t, however, until the planning of a winter holiday to Japan in 2013 that I became hooked on creating beanies. My husband and I were working overseas at the time so my craft-making was limited to what I could carry. This passion, however, didn’t begin to evolve into something a little more dedicated until mid 2018, once we were settled back in Australia, had stopped full-time work and were ready to indulge our creativity. This gave rise to our little business venture now called, Chauffe-Moi Australia.

Chauffe-Moi, from my French heritage, literally means Make Me Warm, which fits with the primary material that I work with (wool and other yarns) and the nature of the products I create. Since I love being creative and find myself continuously inspired by new ideas, my initial focus on beanies & berets has shifted to a wide range of headwear, apparel and now yarn & bead accessories.

I love the transformative nature of craft, watching something beautiful unfold from raw material as I work it through crochet, knitting or beadwork. For me then, my business, Chauffe-Moi Australia, is in effect the outlet that allows me to share with others my passion for the art of handmade. It’s my journey in creativity, filled with bountiful inspiration and delightful purpose.