Meet Michelle

Bambole Designs & Petals And Nice Things - New South Wales

I grew up in the outskirts of Sydney on our farm, my parents were Italian immigrants, my father was a very hard man, life wasn’t easy. I have always loved being creative, even though it wasn’t encouraged in our house at all, I’ve always felt happy when creating. At 22 I married the love of my life, my world was devastated 4 years ago, when I became a widow, I couldn’t work for a few years, I couldn’t stay in my house, so I joined a couple of creative groups, made some beautiful friends and learned new skills. With my children’s support, I’ve slowly come to terms my life as a single woman and managed to make a new beginning, including moving house last year.  I love what I do and want to share it with other women, I truly believe creativity can help with a person’s mental state and general wellness, I believe it helped me so much. I have women who attended my classes, who have told me they use my class as therapy, to get away from their problems for a little while, have a cuppa and a chat, while creating something, they provide you a few hours of laughter and something to look forward to, while creating.

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