Meet Natalia

Botanix Skincare & Body - Queensland

Botanix Skincare & Body is handmade for individuals who value the importance of self-love and self-care, those who want to enjoy and bring the benefits, beauty & freshness of nature into their busy lives. Our products are uniquely designed & crafted to defy the effects of ageing, pollution and toxins while nourishing you and your skin.

Brand Promise: Natural, Cruelty-Free, Philanthropy, Variety of Skin and Body Care Products and Therapeutic Potion Solutions to solve everyday problems. 100% Australian Made & Owned. Appropriate for all skin types & ages.

Brand Personality: Quality products inspired by both Art & Science. Centred around helping people solve everyday problems and help people feel better about themselves, others and those throughout the world.

Brand Story: Created by Our Qualified & Experienced Integrative Pharmacist ,Organic Skincare Formulator & Essential Oils Wellness Advocate . We want to create affordable natural skincare and body products free from synthetics and nasties.