Meet Nathalia

MOVINKA - Victoria

MOVINKA candles are more than just your typical candle, each one comes complete with our FLAME TO FLORA seed and soil kit, giving new life to the jar in the form of a desk plant once the light burns out.

“The idea came to me as I was burning through countless candles at home and stacking up on empty jars. I wanted to give others a purpose to re-use their jars with minimal effort, and encourage the reduction of household waste going to landfill.” says Nathalia. “While I know throwing away your candle jar isn't going to destroy the planet, I believe that we should all do what we can to reduce waste and our impact on the environment, so giving new life to an old candle seems like a small step in the right direction. When creating a business it was important to me that whatever I did, it was in a socially responsible way.”

Nathalia was one of many stood down from their workforce during the recent pandemic. “It was unexpected but I suddenly had the time on my hands to create something new and exciting”. Turning lemons into lemonade, Nathalia launched her online business of candles with a unique eco twist. Named after a wordplay of her move to Inkerman Street in St Kilda - a new place and a new chapter in her life that allowed her the space to create this project - MOVINKA was birthed.

“Nothing makes me happier than putting my time and effort into creating something different that will spark joy in others and something I am proud of for building from the ground up. Don’t underestimate the power of support from your network of friends, family and connections. I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Nathalia wants to enrich confidence in other sisters to reach for their goals and to not be afraid to get back on the horse when knocked off. “You just need to take that brave first step, and you never know, it might be the silver lining of an unfortunate event that leads you there.”

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