Meet Priyanka

Silver Turtle - New South Wales

Silver Turtle is an E-commerce store which promotes eco-friendly and sustainable products. Our journey began in 2017 when we realized there is not just a crying need for alternatives to our everyday plastic items such as toothbrushes, ear buds etc that we use but also at cost-effective prices. Based in Sydney, Australia, We are passionate about the planet and are on a mission to widen the importance of reusing, reducing and as a last resort recycling. Climate change and global warming are real concerns and it's important that we start taking measures to reduce the harm starting now. By offering these eco-friendly alternatives at cost-effective prices, we hope that more people will start adapting to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Priyanka's goal is to get financially independent and at the same time educate and infor the market on climate change and how to live sustainably.