Meet Rosh

I Rayhana's Store Sydney - New South Wales

Rayhana’s Store is a Sydney based handmade gift brand in the making , founded with the primary objective of helping keep alive the traditional sewing, beading and jewellery making skills, as well as empowering and inspiring women to be creative. The Store uses traditional techniques with contemporary design to create marketable products for local and international trade.  The gifts are all handmade with love and care and there has been such positive feedback when a customer has received them. There are a variety of handmade gifts and sets available for purchase in fabric or beads that will suit most tastes and budgets. Custom orders with your name are very popular so that the recipient will be satisfied with their unique gift. Fabric gifts are not only easy to care for but can be used for many years, helping reduce waste. Fabric is not wasted even fabric offcuts are used where possible to prevent wastage and reduce impact on our environment.