Meet Sharon

Spliced Eco Fashion - Victoria

Flamboyantly 100% vegan, ethical and sustainable. Each fashion item is constructed individually by me, the designer, through recycling and handcrafting materials recovered from Melbourne’s fashion colleges and bicycle workshops. My mission is to transform rescued materials into something fun that defy the mundane. Examples of my work have been seen on the runway at Melbourne Fashion Week, Australian Vogue and World Vegan Day Melbourne events. Ethical fashion that reinvigorates recycled materials.

"I migrated to Australia a decade ago and found employment as a teacher of Design Tech and the Visual Arts. While teaching Fashion & Textiles I became more informed of the waste generated within fashion courses, and made plans to help address this in my own small way. Now in my 50’s I endeavour to create fashion pieces by recycling waste, and any fabric I am unable to use I turn into drain bag covers for cancer patients and pass onto a dedicated team who assemble care packages for the Royal Women’s Hospital."

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