Precious People - Holistic Health Consultation and Sound Balance | Mount Lawley, WA

Meet Tamra

"I love my work. I love knowing that I made a positive difference in a person's life that day. My dream is to share the amazing modality of frequency and sound to the world and especially within the mental health sector. After 3 separate redundancies from the mining sector which left me financially ruined and miserable I decided to follow my love of music. I started facilitating music meditations from my lounge room and now I'm ready to grow into bigger spaces."

Music and sound that sing to you on a cellular level. Utilising specialist frequency music, singing bowls and tuning forks to melt away stress and retune your body, mind and soul to harmonic resonance.


Group meditations, dance and full moon events in Perth. Individual bio field health diagnosis and balance - online and in person.

*Perfect to clear a busy mind *Helps reduce anxiety *Clears blockages in the energy field caused by emotional distress

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