Meet Tash

Tash.skincare - Queensland

Tash.skincare can and will transform your skin without the use of harsh chemicals. It’s no secret that our products are Australian handmade, ethical, cruelty free and contain nothing synthetic. We always source organic ingredients where possible and don’t contain any of the nasties such as sulphates and parabens. The simple fact is for most of us, our skin just doesn’t need all the chemical ingredients that are contained by a lot of the well marketed/ expensive brands out there. Tash.skincare intends to completely refresh your current skincare routine, wether you consider yourself basic or extra when it comes to your skin.

Having being self employed for the last 10 years(hairdressing) my aim is to get my skincare business of the ground to allow me to step back in the salon a little bit. More versatility and flexibility. I think coronavirus has shown us this is important for all small business owners.

Treat yourself to Tash's beautiful skin products below: