Meet Vanessa

Nessie Jane Designs - Victoria

Vanessa designs handmade jewellery using natural products including sterling silver, fine silver, freshwater pearls, leather and naturally found objects. Inspired by nature and the beautiful Australia landscape to create wearable art, Ness’s jewellery is designed to reflect individuality, style, and a sense of fun. The NJD range includes pendants, earrings, bangles, cuffs, and necklaces.

Being involved in agriculture all her life and loving living on the land, being able to create a studio based jewellery business from where she loves to live has led Ness to pursue her passion of creating and designing jewellery. Her creative goals include giving value through self-expression, to grow and develop artisan skills and to turn inspiration and imagination into tangible forms that bring joy to others. Through her business she aims to keep control of her time and independence, through fair exchange develop an income initially to supplement the farm business, then to financially support herself and eventually to financially support her husband to allow him to develop his own creative business. By developing a reginal business Ness also hopes to contribute to the local community by adding something unique to the creative culture of the region.

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