Meet Vickie

Eco Apothecary - South Australia

I have longed to work from home since I was a 14 year old, on a school camp to Robe S.A. We spent a day door-knocking and interviewing local people about their lives in Robe (a small regional town). My classmate and I interviewed a lady who kept coloured sheep, spun their wool and hand-knitted garments which sold in Sydney and Melbourne for very good prices. She lived in a little old country cottage at the edge of the town. I thought “this is what I’d like to do!”, but on leaving school I found work and spent the rest of my life working for other people, doing my own “work” as a hobby, and wishing/hoping/planning that one day I would make a decent income from doing my own work from home. I love making things and I wish to be able to support myself financially and fulfil myself creatively through producing my skin care products and herbal tea blends. I also want to continue assisting with the care of my 87-year-old mother who still lives independently. My heart has always drawn me towards nature, animals, plants, and the environment - which moves me to promote health and lessen environmental impact.

Vickie is a qualified herbalist and offers handmade herbal infusions , natural skin and body care products and hand blended delicious medicinal herbal teas for health and pleasure.