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Arkara - New South Wales

For me Arkara began as a bit of a side hustle. I bought an existing business and thought it would be a great hobby making soap and bath bombs. I have found it very therapeutic making the products, but I also found it very creative as well. I come from a background of Interior Design and always said I would be happy flower arranging or painting or designing anything. But I have found a real passion in Arkara. I don’t just make soap; I create mini masterpieces. Like a painter with a canvas I am to soap and bath bombs. I just love what I do. Post Covid though things have taken on a whole new meaning with what I do. I am so much more conscious about buying local, sourcing local and supporting others in Business. I have changed Arkara’s ingredients to reflect Australian Ingredients, we now use Macadamia Butter and Australian White Clay. Our Essential Oils are all Australian and everything else is sourced from other Australian Business’s.

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