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Meet our sister Jooyun Lim, founder of Imjooyun

Imjooyun presents handcrafted pottery that is unique, imperfect, and infused with nature's inspirations. Originating from Seoul, South Korea, Imjooyun brings the essence of the Australian bush to the creations. Each piece, born from Jooyun's personal journey, embraces imperfections as a mark of uniqueness. With a Bachelor's in Fine Art and over a decade spent in the serene landscapes of rural QLD, the work captures the ever-changing beauty of nature. From the rustle of leaves to the melody of raindrops, Imjooyun's pottery embodies the calm and beauty found in the simplicity of the moment. The collection invites exploration, where each piece becomes a testament to resilience, healing, and the joy of creating.

Meet our sister Ginan, founder of GTAB

Ginan Tabbouch, Sydney's versatile designer, narrates her tale through music, film, and fashion. GTAB, her unisex streetwear brand, emerged at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia in 2018, focusing on empowering stories from the western suburbs. The 'S8 OUTA BNX’ collection confronts issues like domestic violence, drug abuse, homelessness, racial profiling, and racism. Using upcycled materials and fabrics from Damascus markets, GTAB's oversized, unisex silhouettes blend streetwear with haute couture, featuring hand-sewn techniques. Each collection comes with a fashion film and a runway soundtrack, aiming for a multisensory experience that catalyses change.

Meet our sister Kerry, founder of Ilan Style

Welcome to Ilan Style! As a Torres Strait Islander woman, Kerry's cultural connection propels the mission of Ilan Style. The brand celebrates Indigenous entrepreneurship, champions scholarships, and provides premium Australian products. Ilan Style's naturopathically formulated tea blends are crafted to promote health and positivity, embodying gratitude, purpose, kindness, mindfulness, and wonder. The brand places a high priority on environmental sustainability, utilizing reusable and recyclable materials while eliminating single-use plastics. Join Ilan Style on a journey of wellness, mindfulness, and cultural appreciation—one sip at a time.

Meet our sister Emma, founder of Night and Day

Night and Day is a Melbourne-based small batch jewellery label founded by Emma. Rooted in a love of nature cultivated by her mother and grandmother, Emma was inspired to embark on a creative journey that allows individuals to carry a piece of nature with them. With a background in fashion styling, the concept of transforming nature into art deeply resonated with Emma. Her mission is to bring small, delightful touches to any outfit through the simple addition of earrings.

Meet our sister Julia, founder of Paper Station

All Paper Station products are designed by Julia Pereira. As a Primary School teacher who has been teaching for over 9 years, Julia has always been passionate about creating eco-conscious paper stationery. She is dedicated to producing beautiful, functional, and environmentally friendly products. The journey began with greeting cards, a love for writing heartfelt messages, and the belief that the act of sending a card is a meaningful habit.

By offering themed card sets and individual cards, Julia aims to encourage everyone to embrace the joy of card writing. Additionally, the business features notebooks, with a new set set to launch soon.

Meet our sister Mel, founder of Merindah Botanical

Welcome to Merindah Botanicals, a haven curated by its founder Mel for a holistic skincare journey. At the age of 30, Mel underwent a transformative experience with supermarket skincare products, leading to a profound realisation of their impact on skin and health. Motivated by a passion for holistic, ethical beauty, she crafted a skincare range that goes beyond surface-level care, nurturing the body, mind, and soul. The vision is to empower women to prioritize well-being through a nurturing skincare routine that rejuvenates both skin and spirit. Merindah Botanicals aims to make self-care effortlessly integrated into the busy lives of modern women, offering natural and easy-to-use skincare solutions.

Meet our sister Fiona, founder of Chocolate on Purpose

Chocolate On Purpose, an Indigenous Australian-owned business, melds fine Belgian chocolate with premium Indigenous Australian botanicals from Aboriginal Communities. Its mission is to share the health benefits of these botanicals and honor the traditional knowledge of our First Nations People through delicious chocolate.

Fiona, the founder, aspires to achieve financial independence for retirement while using her business as a platform to drive positive change in the Australian business landscape. With less than 20% of businesses being Indigenous-led, Fiona aims to break stereotypes, demonstrating that a unique chocolate business can succeed and contribute to financial and social change.

Meet our sister Nicola, founder of Beautifully Authentic

In her early 40s and a mother of two, Nicola embarked on a skincare journey prompted by her firstborn's struggle with reactive eczema after vaccinations. Unwilling to resort to steroids, she delved into her 20 years of personal skincare-making experience. Fuelled by the desire to find a solution, Nicola crafted a packaging-free moisturiser bar that not only eased inflammation and itchiness but also eventually eradicated eczema. Expanding her range, she developed unique soap bars and a comprehensive skincare line for the face over the years. Her goal is to be the preferred brand for luxurious, sustainable, and effective clean skincare, catering to all sensitive skin types.

Meet our sister Sri, founder of Karuna Dawn

Sri is the founder of Karuna Dawn, an ethical, sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free venture committed to uplifting and transforming lives. Karuna Dawn achieves this by partnering with ethical manufacturers that offer employment and opportunities to marginalised and vulnerable individuals, breaking cycles of poverty.

The founder initiated the business with the belief that profit and purpose can coexist without compromising on quality or style. Their objectives include scaling the business to transition from 9-5 jobs to working on the venture full-time, aiming for increased impact. The brand specialises in co-designing and selling bags, wallets, and accessories.

Meet our sister Louise, founder of The Brisbane Weaving Company

Originally from the UK with English and French heritage, Louise has called Australia home for the past 15 years. With eight years of experience in hand weaving, The Brisbane Weaving Company was established to share these creations with the world.

Louise takes joy in crafting by hand and creating items for others to appreciate. Operating from a small backyard studio, she considers herself fortunate to weave ideas into fabric. The use of natural fibres and traditional weaving techniques results in the production of unique, beautiful, and functional pieces designed to last a lifetime.

Meet our sister Chloe, founder of Ondine

Chloe is the owner of Ondine, a clean and non-toxic perfume brand. All perfumes are crafted with 100% Organic Sugar Cane alcohol, free from Phthalates, Parabens, and Petrochemicals. They are also GMO-free, Palm oil-free, vegan-friendly, and Cruelty-free. The packaging is recyclable or reusable, and caps are landfill biodegradable. Ondine's six perfumes draw inspiration from mermaids and the ocean, crafted in Australia and hand-filled, bottled, and labeled in Melbourne by Chloe. Driven by a passion for scent and confidence, Chloe's goal with Ondine is to offer beautiful, affordable perfumes. The dream is to grow Ondine into a well-known brand, supporting like-minded women and aiding struggling new starters while maintaining a commitment to clean and non-toxic scents.

Meet our sister Celeste, founder of Miluny

Celeste, a proud Darug woman, turns her lifelong passion for skincare into Miluny Beauty. The brand focuses on organic, earth-sourced products made from indigenous Australian clays and plants. Offering liquid washes, steam cloths, and face masks, Celeste envisions her creations becoming widely popular.

Miluny Beauty plans expansion into various outlets and retailers, emphasizing eco-friendly options for bulk purchases.

For Celeste, Miluny Beauty is a way to share her love for creating and nature's skincare recipes with women. Aligning with Sister Tribe values, she aspires to inspire and support fellow women positively.

Meet our sister Angie, founder of Remedii

Remedii was born out of Angie's personal need for pain relief. The specially crafted range of wearable pads ensures both effectiveness and comfort, providing lightweight and versatile pain relief at home or work.

Injuries often alter movements, posing risks to other areas. Wearing a hot/cold pad promotes normal movement by reducing pain, potentially accelerating recovery and preventing stress-related injuries. The unique grain blend in the pads delivers long-lasting, deep-penetrating moist heat or gentle coolness. Conveniently stored in the freezer or heated in the microwave, each pad is scented with a choice of fragrant oils, weighing less than 800g.

Meet our sister Kate, founder of Nourished Skin Co

Nourished Skin Co emerged from Kate's personal need for pure and natural skincare to address reactions to synthetic ingredients. Frustrated by the lack of natural options, she created products using organic plant oils and butter. In the first year, the brand gained recognition in British Vogue's Luxury Skin Edition and secured five awards at the 2022 Organic Beauty & Sustainable Awards. Going beyond cruelty-free and preservative-free, Nourished Skin Co focuses on holistic products for all stages of life, including Calendula Balm, Oils, Lotions, Men's care products, and Bath Salts.

Handmade on the Mornington Peninsula, their products feature original formulas, sustainable packaging, and 100% natural, organic, and vegan ingredients.

Meet our sisters Anushka & Lily, founders of Gaia Botanica

Founded in 2021 in South Australia by clinical naturopath Lily Zurlino and clinical nutritionist Anushka Malcolm, Gaia Botanica is driven by their shared passion for natural medicine, sustainable business practices, and daily rituals. Every Gaia Botanica product, crafted in South Australia, is naturopathically formulated with ethically sourced, certified organic ingredients, emphasizing therapeutic benefits, exceptional flavour, and minimal environmental impact. The collection aims to enhance well-being through simple everyday rituals, encouraging customers to savour quiet moments, prioritize health, and embrace self-care. Handmade on the Mornington Peninsula, their products feature original formulas, sustainable packaging, and 100% natural, organic, and vegan ingredients.

Meet our sister Karen, founder of Cubo Toys

On her sustainable living journey in Australia, young mother Karen embraced wooden toys for her children. However, many turned out to be close-ended, becoming unnecessary once her children mastered specific skills or outgrew their challenges.

Cubo Toys provides a multi-usable and modular toy range for conscious parents, promoting sustainability. These toys reduce the reliance on single-use plastic toys, minimising wastage and clutter. The founder, driven by her concerns about overconsumption, aims to recruit 10,000 families to reduce their impact. Their goal is to meet children's learning needs while helping parents consume less with toys offering more. The vision is to support children's thriving in the first five years through a curated, learning-focused toy collection featuring up to 24 play patterns in one modular box.

Meet our sister Tegan, founder of Send On Upcycling

Tegan is committed to repurposing retired climbing gear, crafting them into stylish and practical items to minimize landfill waste. With a background as a climbing guide, she's witnessed the disposal of safety equipment and recognized the potential to salvage materials for non-safety use. Inspired by similar initiatives abroad, Tegan launched Send On after overcoming personal challenges, aiming to achieve financial independence and contribute to sustainable living. Send On Upcycling Currently offering belts, coasters, plant hangers, and bags, with expansion plans.

Meet our sister Vmla, founder of Green Glow Skincare

Vimla embarked on her journey to all-natural skincare out of desperation, battling dry, sensitive skin. Frustrated by mainstream products, she recalled childhood remedies and reconnected with Ayurveda, giving birth to Green Glow, her skincare venture.

Her quest for knowledge led her to Formula Botanica, where she became a certified skincare formulator, mastering various aspects of organic skincare. Currently pursuing advanced diplomas, Vimla is determined to create safe and effective products. Her passion is to make people feel beautiful inside and out, evident in every personally formulated and handcrafted product in her lineup. Grateful to be part of others' skincare journeys, Vimla is dedicated to her life's purpose.

Meet our sister Hayley, founder of Little Koko

On a quest for a unique comforter, Hayley found Little Koko, inspired by her family's stay in Sri Lanka. Crafted with earthy tones and dreamy sounds, the comforters reflect the island's natural beauty. With a background in social work, she curated accessories like coconut shell bath items and organic oils to enhance parent-child bonding.

Little Koko is committed to ethical manufacturing, environmental responsibility, and social impact. The Women's Circle, a social enterprise project, empowers women in rural areas. $1 from every comforter sale is donated to regenerative tree planting through Greening Australia. Little Koko strives to be a heart-warming business promoting values of empowerment, sustainability, and social impact.

Meet our sister Katie Perry, founder of Katie Perry

A style expert, jersey designer, and mother of two, Katie Perry draws on a background working for prestigious labels like Brown’s in London and Jag, Oroton, and David Jones in Sydney. Inspired by a desire to create her own fashion label, she values the business and commercial aspects gained from her experience. She claims that the most rewarding part of her journey is to witness when customers feel amazing in her creations.

Choosing to produce everything in Australia reflects her commitment to quality over quantity and a focus on sustainability. Katie Perry believes in creating clothing that is both stylish and environmentally friendly, aligning with her values of longevity and harm-free impact on the planet.

Meet our sister Cyana, founder of Camie Fleur

Cyana’s business specialises in crafting exquisite arrangements of artificial and dried preserved flowers, offering everlasting decoration and personalised floral gift boxes. The business extends its services to provide floral arrangements for events and weddings, emphasising sustainability by reusing flowers and minimising the carbon footprint.

Driven by a desire to make a positive impact and create job opportunities, Cyana aims to empower disabled individuals through entrepreneurship. Born as a twin, her personal experiences, including her sister's need for 24/7 care due to suffocation during birth, motivate her to provide meaningful employment for disabled individuals offering them the joy she experiences daily.

Meet our sister Gemma, founder of Olearia Botanics

Driven by a deep love for plants and armed with a background in Bio-Science, Ecology, and Botany, Gemma seamlessly merged my extensive knowledge to venture into the world of skincare formulation.

Her mission is to intimately connect people with the wonders of Australia's native flora, infusing eco-conscious skincare with potent wildcrafted extracts and active botanicals that cater to the well-being of all skin types. Gemma's goal is to nurture, nourish, and protect your skin while embracing the beauty of nature.

Meet our sisters Lucy & Gai, founders of Posh Active

Gai, a visionary since the 1970s, began her fashion career with Jenny Kee, turning challenges into opportunities. Collaborating with Kee refined her creative instincts, leading to the ownership of three high-end boutiques in northern NSW. On the other side, Lucy, a pragmatic strategist with business expertise, integrated acumen with a discerning eye for style. Together, they formed a formidable entrepreneurial partnership, merging Gai's fashion passion with Lucy's strategic approach, ready to conquer activewear and beyond.

With Posh Active, they aimed to revolutionize the activewear experience, creating a unique and enjoyable journey for women seeking comfortable, cool, and confidently stylish activewear.