Resources & Support

Welcome to the Global Sisters Marketplace Resources & Support Section.
We've put together these seller resources and support tools to help you navigate through the Marketplace.
If you can't find what you are looking for or still need support, our team is available to answer all your questions.

How it works

Global Sisters exists to make business possible for all women by providing the support and tools for those who are unemployed, under employed or struggling with their current business.

Global Sisters Marketplace will give women an immediate user friendly, quality digital presence requiring low to no tech management - all in one place so you can create a revenue stream from your online presence and gain easy access to customers.

What to Sell

The Global Sisters Marketplace is Australia’s first online marketplace for women’s businesses, and allows you to sell products, services and experiences.

The Marketplace currently features products from various categories, including:

Home & Living

Beauty & Wellness

Food & Drink

Kids & baby

Clothing & Accessories


First Nations

Services & Experiences

We believe in Good Business

Global Sisters core value of “Business Done Differently” means that we champion good business, both as an organization ourselves and as an organization that supports women-owned businesses. We aim to highlight the brands that have taken steps to do good business. To help consumers purchase from brands that align with their values, we have created four values that we encourage sellers to adhere to:

Ethical Attributes

Our focus is on #GoodBusiness. This means we encourage & support all businesses to be ethical, socially & environmentally friendly. We require all products featured on the Marketplace to align with our "Good Business" values and have at least one Ethical attribute from the following list:

Managing Orders

When a buyer places an orders on the Marketplace, you will be notified by email and text message letting you know that someone has made a purchase.

There are a few important things to keep in mind:

- You are expected to ship your order within 48 hours of purchase.
- The sooner your dispatch your order, the sooner it will be delivered, and the happier your customers will be. This improves repeat purchase from your store as well as overall customer satisfaction.
- We recommend using a carrier service that provides tracking.

Follow these steps to manage your order:

1- Log into your seller account
2- Your dashboard will display the number of outstanding orders.
3- Click on the "outstanding orders" section.
4- This will take you to your "all orders" report.
5- All outstanding orders will show at the top of the report.
6- At the order level, the buyer's name and address will show on the left side. Use this information to ship the item.
7- Once shipped, add a tracking number at the specified field in the order section.
8- Select the carrier you are using (example: Australia Post) from the carrier dropdown.
9- The final step is to click "dispatch".


With the Global Sisters Marketplace there are:
- NO set up costs
- NO monthly fees
- SUPER LOW commission: Total per transaction is 7.3% + 30c

We are operating on a commission per sale.

Here is a break down of the commissions charged on each sale through Global Sisters Marketplace:

1.2% per transaction to Marketplace (technology and platform provider)
1.1% + 30c per transaction to payment gateway (Braintree/Paypal)
5% per transaction to Global Sisters to help more Sisters start businesses

Plus FREE, full wrap around support including business tools, sales and marketing, microfinance access through our Global Sisters Sister programs and more.

Selling Tips

1. Know What You Can & Can’t Sell

Make sure all the products you are listing on the Marketplace are aligned with our values & tick at least two ethical attributes.

2. Product Title and Descriptions

Product title

Your advert title has a number of functions, primarily for customers to be able to easily find your product via our search engine. Your title should be clear & include the main keywords that are needed to describe your product. Also, keep it as short as possible (no more than 3-4 words).

Product description

In order to write the perfect product description, you have to know your target audience. Consider how you would speak to your ideal buyer if you were selling your product face to face.
Try and incorporate that language into your product description so you can have a similar conversation online that resonates more deeply.
Make sure the customer gets all the details they need.

3. Product photography

Post the best photos that you can. You can upload as many pictures as you’d like, but if you only have a few good ones, make sure to only use the best quality ones. First impressions are everything - the Marketplace is an image-driven site, shoppers make quick visual decisions based on needs, personal taste, and the quality of your shop’s images.
Try to create clean, clear, clutter-free product photography.
Use similar backgrounds and lighting when you photograph your items. For example, a white background & photographed in daylight works best.

4. Pricing

Though you certainly want to maximize your revenue, it’s important to set a reasonable sell price to ensure that your item sells in a timely manner. If you are unsure about pricing your products, search for similar items in your area to scope out the competition and gauge price ranges.
It's also always a good idea to be creative and work on finding ways to reduce your costs as much as possible. This will allow you to maximize your profits all while offering competitive sell prices to your customers.

5. Shipping

Make sure to charge the lowest shipping rate possible. Customers will not complete their purchase, if they see that you are charging an excessive shipping fee. Ideally your shipping cost should sit under $10.

6. Customer service

Provide stellar customer service. Treat your buyers like you'd expect to be treated. Be direct and answer inquiries as quickly as possible.

7. Be patient

As much as you want to dive right into your new creative business, keep in mind that it most likely won't take off immediately. Success doesn’t happen overnight. Keep making improvements to your shop, stay positive during slow times and work on creating more or bettering your shop images, content and overall listings!

Seller Perks

As part of our seller community, you will access to exclusive benefits and perks, ranging from Free Marketing and advertising for your business to a variety of tools, support and resources to help you grow your business and achieve your goals. You can also access a variety of programs to grow your skills and confidence. Global Sisters offers a unique space where women can gather for everything you need to turn your business vision into action. From online courses, personalized coaching and business networks to the online marketplace and finance – we’ve got your back.

You can access all our Sister programs by clicking on this link‏‏‎‏‏‎